To personalize your session, please answer as little or as many of the following questions. The more details the easier it will be to get to know your family! Thank you!

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Please include the ages of any children.
Lots of times with young children I may have to act silly to capture genuine expressions. Do you approve of me using age appropriate, but not necessarily polite words such as (try not to laugh...) poop, fart, burp, etc...?
Do you approve of using Smartie candies should the child need extra reinforcement?
My photos can lean towards a more natural & relaxed style versus all styled poses. There will definitely be some posing but the whole session will not be forced into poses. I will also try to capture the organic in betweens when applicable. Are you ok with this style?
I always add in some black & white photos where I feel it fits the photo. Please answer the following:
Are you willing to travel to me (Morristown, NJ) if you are not local?
Are you OK with being tagged in your photos that I post on social media? *