Triola Family / Spring Session / Morristown, NJ

fun loving, easy going, silly, adorable and awesome....just a few adjectives to describe this family.

Was it hot on this day? YES!!...Did they seem to care that it was? No!...Did we still have a great session? Definitely!! The weather has been really finicky this year. A few days before our session it was low 60's. The day of our session it was low 90's! But this beautiful family made it through with lots of hugs and smiles and I was so happy to capture those smiles for them. 

Kovacs Family / Cross Estate Gardens Family Session / Morristown, NJ

This session with the Kovacs family showed so much warmth, love and fun that can be had during a family session. We started out with a couple of mishaps....the original location we planned to take the photos at was having a special event going on when we got there and the weather was very wet all day long. But in the end it worked out great. We ended up at a nearby location that was even more pretty than the original and the rainy weather held out for the hour that we were taking photos! It started up again as soon as we left but at that point it didn't matter because their beautiful memories were already captured. I hope that the three of you treasure these precious memories in the years to come because the time sure does fly by fast! I had a blast with you guys!

The "I Love You" Phase

So Jade is in this phase where she tells us I Love You...literally every few seconds. Not that I am complaining at all but it's funny to hear her say it so often, and at the most random of moments. Running out the front door late for somewhere, "Mommy?...yes Jade...I love you"....Sitting on the potty, "Mommy I have to tell you something?...yes Jade...I love you"...Pulling something out of the frig, "Mommy?...yes Jade...I love you so so so much!".

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Christmas Countdown has begun!

Less than 10 days left! We started a Christmas countdown with Jade on December 1 and everyday she glues a cotton ball on Santa's beard anxiously waiting for the big day and everyday asking if it's Christmas yet. And everyday that she does it I say to myself why is it almost Christmas already and why is there still so much to do?!

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Trick or Treat

Between Halloween parties, town parades, school parades, town trick or treating and finally neighborhood trick or treating we had a very fun and busy Halloween! And we had so much fun with our costumes this year!

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Mud and white t-shirts?! What?!

Seriously? I have some really cool friends! Not many parents would willingly let their kids play in mud let alone join in on the fun! But that is exactly what happened and they even allowed me to photograph them doing it!

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Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

How am I posting about Christmas already? Halloween isn't even here yet! But here I am posting Christmas photos and writing about how beautiful this family is and how much fun their session was.....and at the cutest tree farm!

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Those Precious Beginnings

Yay my first newborn! When friends asked me if I can take pics of their new baby I was honored, excited and nervous all at the same time. I have never done a newborn session before (aside from when Jade was born but that was over 4 years ago!).

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Donuts Galore, Jade is Four!!

I know I'm a couple weeks late posting Jade's fourth birthday pics, but life got crazy. Besides,  what better day to post them than National Donut Day!! We gave Jade an awesome Donut party!

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Cuteness Overload Going on Here

How cute are these little chicks?? My first time ever holding such tiny fuzzy balls of cuteness. When my friend Carrie invited Jade and I over to see them I could not turn her down! I mean who would?? How cute are our two girls with them? Now I want to raise some chicks!

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