Hi and welcome!

I am sure some of you are wondering who the person behind A Lovely Shade of Jade LLC is. So I would like to introduce myself a bit.

1st off my name is Dawn...not Jade which I am sure some may think. Jade is my daughter's name and she is my muse and the reason I started this little biz, so who better to name it after :)

I am Brooklyn born and raised but currently live in New Jersey with my husband, sweet little girl and two fur babies.

I am addicted to Starbucks (sorry Dunkin), Anthropologie, Cats, Wine, Avocados, Photography courses, Eminem and Old School Reggae (You know you want to sing along!).

I went to college for Fashion Design and worked in the kids fashion industry for many years up until I had my daughter. I think about my fashion family often but would never change staying home with my daughter for the world! At that time is when my love for photography started. Almost 6 years later of learning and growing and I love it even more. I have taken a bunch of online classes in the past few years to learn and fine tune all things photography and in turn have become addicted to taking these online courses lol. They are invaluable and the community is like no other!

If you haven't already, check out my very first blog post where you can find out some more info!

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I hope you enjoy my work and look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you to capture life's precious moments that go way too fast! Feel free to shoot me and email with any questions at all!

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-Dawn xoxo