My First Ever Post

Hi All. I am beginning my online photography journey and will be sharing it through this website as well as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can also check out my inspiration boards over at Pinterest. Here is a little background about me and this website. First off the name, A Lovely Shade of Jade, came from my daughter's name, Jade. She is 3 years old and is my muse. She is the inspiration for getting my journey started. I have always been into all things creative whether that be painting, crafting, taking pictures, designing clothes etc. I left my full-time job as a kids clothing designer after being in the industry for almost 15 years to stay at home with my daughter, Jade. That was a huge adjustment for me but I would not change that for anything. During my stay at home I have stayed creative in many ways from fun craft days with Jade, to designing cards and prints for friends, to taking lots of pics and editing them. I still have a lot to learn and am currently taking online courses to fine tune everything photography. I have always been big on taking photos. I got my first big girl film camera when i was about 25 and I took so many photos that I spent most of my money getting all the pics developed. Now I share my DSLR with my hubby (who BTW is an amazing artist. Check him out at and it has made life a lot easier as far as not having to get every photo developed. But it has posed a different problem for me which is getting the pics organized on my computer! As you can imagine in that time from when I had my daughter up until now we have taken thousands upon thousands of photos of just her....and she's only 3! There probably won't be enough hours in my lifetime to edit all the pics I have taken of her but I will from time to time share some of her pics on here when I get an extra minute or two to edit them. Thanks for joining me here and hope you stick around for the whole journey. Here are a few fairly recent pics of my girl. Enjoy.


*update since I first wrote this….I got my own DSLR and I love it! Yay…no more sharing with the hubby!*