The "I Love You" Phase | Morristown NJ Photographer

So Jade is in this phase where she tells us I Love You...literally every few seconds. Not that I am complaining at all but it's funny to hear her say it so often, and at the most random of moments. Running out the front door late for somewhere, "Mommy?...yes Jade...I love you"....Sitting on the potty, "Mommy I have to tell you something?...yes Jade...I love you"...Pulling something out of the frig, "Mommy?...yes Jade...I love you so so so much!". You get the picture. Hopefully I am wrong and it's not just a phase and she really is just this sweet.

Speaking of sweet, wouldn't it be sweet to do some Valentine's Day minis?! Who's in? Does anyone recall last year when I did a bunch of fun mini sessions in my home? How cute were they? If you forgot or didn't catch it last year than check out this link or just scroll down for a few pics from that day. As much fun as it was to have these in my house, this year I am thinking of outdoor mini sessions for something different. A quick 20 minute session since it will most likely be cold or snowy (although with the way this weather is going we may get a 60 degree day!)....and even if it's cold, a little cold never bothered us right (anyone else hear Elsa in their head?)? I am still thinking through the complete details but they will most likely be held on February 4th in the afternoon. $250 for 5 edited photos and one 4x6 print. So who's throwing on their long john's to join me for some cute photos?? Contact me if you want in or for further info!

Above is a little sample of an outdoor Valentine mini session. These were taken in my backyard so the location will be different but will give you an idea.

Last years Valentine minis.