Christmastime 2018 | Morristown NJ Photographer

One of my many goals that I wrote down for 2019 is to blog more. I had that as a goal last year as well and I don’t know if it was just me or if this seemed to have happened to a lot of people this year but I feel like I blinked and it was 2019. I know that we all say that a lot…how  we feel like the time flew by too quickly and blah blah blah….but seriously this year it was on super high speed. Maybe it’s an excuse but I feel like I just didn’t have the time to sit through and write up blogs. But this year I am determined. I am blogging and decluttering and printing pics this year! You can hold me too it!

So for my first blog post of 2019 I am starting with a little look back a our Christmas 2018. We will be taking down our tree this weekend (January 6th is usually when we take it down) so what better way to honor that than a look back at how our quick Christmas season went :)

1) Putting up our tree.

Hello Storyteller  Award for December 2018 :)

Hello Storyteller Award for December 2018 :)


2) Our yearly tradition of chopping down a Charlie Brown Christmas tree for her playroom :)

3) Baking Hipster Santa Cookies….yep that’s what they were called!

4) Oreo Snuggles


5) Saying goodbye to her elf Jewel on Christmas Eve. Don’t worry…no elves lost their magic in the making of these pics ;)

6) Christmas Day!!

Wishing everyone an amazing New Year!