Mom and Me Downtown Session | Morristown NJ Photographer

Sometimes the days feel so so long when you are a mom. The piles of laundry that never seem to end no matter how many loads you do and the toys that some how have taken over every room in the house. But being a mom to a now 7 year old little girl I have realized very quickly how fast the years actually fly by. So I can only imagine how this mama feels that her baby girl is moving to the other side of the world. I am sure she is thinking that only yesterday she was changing her diapers or waving to her as she got on the school bus for the very first time and maybe how she wishes she had some toys to still pick up. The time truly does go by so fast and when we blink we miss those little moments that we want back so badly.

Alison reached out to me asking if she can book a session for her and her mom, Kelly. Shortly after our session together Alison moved to Singapore! An amazing new chapter in her life with a proud mom cheering her on and special mom and daughter pictures to cherish for years to come ❤.