Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree | Mendham NJ Photography

How am I posting about Christmas already? Halloween isn't even here yet! But here I am posting Christmas photos and writing about how beautiful this family is and how much fun their session was.....and at the cutest tree farm! I never knew you can actually go to a Christmas tree farm and chop down your own tree! How cool is that? You can actually go and pick the tree you like best and they give you a saw and you can cut it down! That may sound so ordinary to most people but growing up in Brooklyn that isn't something we did.

When it came time for their session, we waited until a couple of hours before to decide if we were even going to do the photos, since it was raining pretty much that whole week into that morning. Luckily the day ended up in overcast so we were able to head over and do the photos. How cute is their little boy and their adorably sweet puppy?! And did you notice Charlie's arm in a cast?! But he was a trooper and did not complain once! As a matter of fact he was such a ham and the camera loved him. And now mom and dad have this memory of the time Charlie's arm was in a cast for Christmas pics ;)

We plan to take Jade back to the tree farm when the Christmas season really kicks off to chop down our first ever little Christmas tree! So excited!