Those Precious Beginnings | Morristown NJ

Yay my first newborn! When friends asked me if I can take pics of their new baby I was honored, excited and nervous all at the same time. I have never done a newborn session before (aside from when Jade was born but that was over 4 years ago!).

This family is AMAZING. You can just tell how much love there is between them just from glancing at these pics. Baby William is a little sweetie as I am sure you all can tell from his cute little face. I mean look at those cheeks! He was only 2 weeks old when I took these pics! So tiny! Feels like yesterday that my own daughter was that little.

And let's not forget about their puppy, Chester....and those big droopy puppy dog eyes. He definitely tried to steal the spotlight. He is a big, doofy, sweet, adorable puppy who loves to give lots kisses and eat cheese. He is already an amazing big brother to baby William and I can't wait to see these two together in about a year.

Welcome to the world baby William!