Fairies really do exist!

Did you know that deep in the enchanted forests of New Jersey lies a hidden little gem where tiny fairies dwell?!

OK well maybe it's not really that deep in the forest or even that hard to find but to a 4 year old who is obsessed with fairies this place is a far away magical land. Has anyone been to this fairy trail?? It was a big hit with Jade and we will definitely be visiting again. It is located in the South Mountain Reservation in Millburn, NJ. All the little fairy homes are made from things found in nature and are all biodegradable materials. They were lovingly put there by a local artist named Therese Ojibway. You can read more about her interesting story here. This really is a great idea to get kids imaginations going and also a great way to spend a day outdoors and make some memories. I know we made some along the way. If you have not visited this trail yet I suggest you take your fairy loving kids (or fairy loving adult friends) there ASAP and try not to blink because those little fairies will flutter quickly by you and you will never know they were there ;)

Check out my images from our day and tell me what you think. And before you leave, comment below and let me know if you've been to this fairy trail or any fairy trail and what your experience was like.

At this point in our day she wanted to see a fairy so badly and kept asking when she would see them. We told her that they are very, very shy magical beings and that maybe they were out for the day at work or looking for sticks and rocks to build their houses lol. That seemed to work for the rest of our time there. Than she saw this above pic after I edited it and was so excited and said....momma the fairies were there!...they were just shy! Sneaky parent for the win :) Thanks photoshop!

Ummmmmm....Jade do you have something to tell us?