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Hey Friends!

I wanted to share with you 5 reasons you should have a family session. Until having a family of my own I don't think I understood the true meaning behind getting family photos done. I cherish the professional photos we have and plan to make it part of our family tradition to have more done. I am realizing how crucial it is for me to be in these photos with my family and how important it is for my daughter to have both me and my husband in photos with her to look back on. So without further ado here are 5 reasons to have those photos taken.  

1.  Having amazing photos of you and your loved ones!

     When was the last time you had photos done? Your wedding day maybe? How amazing would it be to have fresh beautiful photos of you and your family to hang throughout your home or made into a photo book. My daughter loves flipping through our photo books all the time! Or pointing at our photo wall in our stairway as we head up to bed.

2.  They make the best gifts!

      Aside from sharing your photos on social media your photos can actually have other uses. For example how about a Christmas card? Wrapping your gifts in custom paper? I have not done this yet but I think I have to try out this idea for Christmas this year. How much fun is this idea? How about a special photo framed of the grandkids for the grandparents? What about blowing up that fave photo of your child for their birthday party      as a guest sign in? Lots of fun & creative uses for your photos!

3.  Reliving the past.

     I know a favorite past time of my daughters is to look at her photos when she was smaller. It      was also a fave past time of mine as a child as we sat around the table with piles of old photos. These pictures will live on through the generations and soon your own kids kids will be looking back at these photos asking what your children were like at their age.

4.  Spending family time!

     Getting dressed up is fun to do together as a family! Make a day of it! Moms, take your little princess for a mommy daughter mani/pedi. Dads, take your fave little man to the barber shop for some daddy son cuts. Pick out some fun outfits that you will wear for the photo day. Make silly faces as you all try them on together. It should be looked back on as quality time that you got to spend together as a family :)

5. Documenting our Lives.

    You do not want to forget that toothless smile or the way their hair curls in the humidity do you? How about the way they cling to that favorite blankie? Or those chubby thighs that last for such a short time! And the way your fur baby gently rests his head on your newborn baby. Hopefully we will all have a chance to be old and grey and look back at our lives through these photo memories! But life is certainly not guaranteed so why wait to document all these special memories! 

If these reasons are enough for you than please contact me here to set up a session!

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